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The Lake is a mature gravel pit at around 12 acres, currently holding 18 single pegs, and each has its own individual large fishing cabin.

These cabins will take the largest of beds and all of your tackle with plenty of room to spare. An unhooking mat, landing net, water bucket and weigh sling are supplied with each cabin and we ask anglers not to bring their own to reduce the risk of disease.

The water is deepest close to the railway where up to seven feet of water can be found just three rod lengths out before dropping to a maximum of 10 feet. Whilst the margins are shallow between pegs 9 and 10 you will find peg 8 shelves off quickly to a reasonable depth. Between peg 11 and 12 there is a large shallower area around 5ft. Pegs 13 and 14 look out to the middle of the lake with depths ranging from 5 - 8 feet, peg 15 you can find nearly 11ft at just 15yards out from the bank. Pegs 16 has depths ranging from 5 to nearly 9 feet and 17 and 18 are located in the bay which has deep margins ranging down to roughly 9 feet.

Like the other specimen lakes No Guests are allowed. All gates are open from 9am and locked from 5pm winter and 6pm summer.

Absolutely brilliant place, loved the new sheds on the quarry, and there is a awesome feel to fishing the quarry. Will definitely be going back.

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Map & Pegs


The Quarry holds big Carp to over 50lb, the current lake record is 52.08lb Mirror. The biggest Common is 49.05lb. The lake holds plenty of fish over 40lb and at least 50 over 30lb.

Tips & Tactics

In the warmer months the carp follow fresh winds regular, and on certain pegs they can be caught just of the rod tips. Spring time zigs play a big part for a few months and then they seem to go more on bait. It's wise to start off light baiting and build it up after each fish as we see to many spodding a lot of bait in a 24hr period only to blank and the person in the next swim benefits. It may work on much longer sessions but doing 24hrs just fish for bites.

Do not ignore the surface in the warmer months they love floaters on all the specimen waters. Our best tip watch the water especially dawn and dusk time when they give themselves away.


As with all specimen waters a variety of different freezer baits work well with Mainline Cell-Hybrid and New Grange Bollies coming out top. Sticky Baits Krill and Manilla also work well with Dynamite Baits Monster Tiger Nut an enduring classic along with the new Complex-T baits.


Chods, Ronnies, Hinge, Multi, Combi, Bag and Zig rigs all perform well during different seasons of the year. And don't forget surface rigs during the warmer months with the bolt controllers being the best option.

Tackle Shop

As well as our on-site tackle shop we also have our online tackle shop to make ordering and browsing your next bit of kit as simple and convienient as possible.

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Quarry Huts

Fantastic 8 x 8 Fishing Huts

Our new huts are big enough for a bedchair and loads of your tackle. Glazed offset double doors allow you to monitor your swim at all times, 3/4 glazing and a double skinned roof help keep out the cold. The huts are set on a large Type 1 aggregate base providing good drainage and making the surrounding area useful for extra equipment storage whilst affording lots of room to the angler.


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